Allama Nusrat Bukhari Biography Profile Profession Kids

Allama Nusrat Bukhari Biography Profile Profession Kids

Allam Nusrat Bukhari علامہ نصرت بخاری is a well-known famous Shia Cleric belongs to Pakistan. He is famous among youngsters. Moulana Nusrat Bukhari is very popular among the youth. Their main goal is to bring the younger generation to the right path.
Allma Nusrat Bukhari is currently studying in the Holy city of Qom Iran. He is studying in Qom for the last 17 years.
Before going to Qom for Islamic study he was doing a job in a private Tech company in Pakistan.
He holds a Masters in Management (MBA) degree also.

He has served in various countries around the world, including Pakistan۔

One of the special things about his teachings and meetings is that he always talks about inter-Muslim unity. He believes that there is a common solution of unity among Muslims with which they can fight the enemy۔

That is why not only Shia Muslims but also Sunni Muslims listen and like them very much.

Maulana Nusrat Bukhari Worldwide Majalis

Maulana Nusrat Bukhari is not only famous in Pakistan but also in the world. He has a huge fan base in India, Iran, the USA, UK, Germany, France, and many other countries also.

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S-No Name Details
S-No1 NameName DetailsMoulana Nusrat Bukhari
S-No2 NameUrdu Name Detailsعلامہ نصرت بخاری
S-No3 NameReligion DetailsShia Muslim
S-No4 NameProfession DetailsTeacher, Shia Cleric
S-No5 NameNationality DetailsPakistani
S-No6 NameAge DetailsNA
S-No7 NameChildrens DetailsNA
S-No7 NameMarital Status DetailsMarried

Allama Nusrat Bukhari Biography
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