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Farhan Ali Waris Biography  Life Story Career Award News Age Nohay Manqabat Profile Net Worth Profession Kids

S-No Name Details
S-No1 NameName DetailsSyed Farhan Ali
S-No2 NameNick Name DetailsAli Waris
S-No3 NameNationality DetailsPakistani
S-No4 NameBith Place DetailsKarachi Pakistan
S-No5 NameMarital Status DetailsMarried
S-No6 NameDate of Birth DetailsOctober 04, 1982
S-No7 NameProfession DetailsNoha Khuwan, Manqabat Khuwan
S-No8 NameHeight Details5" 10 Inches
S-No9 NameNet Worth DetailsNA
S-No10 NameSiblings Details4 Brothers
S-No11 NameEducation DetailsGraduate
S-No12 NameFather Name DetailsSyed Mazhar Iqbal Rizvi
S-No13 NameAward DetailsBest Noha 2021 (Baba Jan)

Farhan Ali Waris Complete Wiki/Biography

Farhan Ali Waris a big name in the Noha Khuwani and Manqabat Khuwani belongs to a Syed Family born in Karachi Pakistan. He started Noha Khuwani in his childhood in the year 1998. He is giving continuously hit Noha each year.

At the beginning like all other Noha Khuwan, his Nohay was released under That Production banner. But later on, he started released Nohay on his official YouTube Channel, link can found in this post as well. 

He is very famous among Shia as well as in the Sunni community and has succeeded to gain a huge number of followers on social media.

Like Nadeem Sarwar he has also a good number of views on his videos on YouTube and Facebook.

In the past year, we saw him doing hosting Ramazan transmissions on different TV Channels.

Farhan Ali Waris Total Volume Released:

Syed Farhan Ali Waris has released more than 300 Nohay and Manqabat as a whole in 32 different Volumes from 1995 to 2021.

Farhan Ali Waris Best Award Winner Noha 2021

Baba Jan Noha by Farhan Ali Waris is awarded the best Noha of the year 2021 which got more than 15 Million views on YouTube which is the highest number of views of the year 2020-2021 Muharram Noha.

List of Countries where Farhan Ali Waris Recited Nohay:

  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Iran
  4. Iraq
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Syria
  7. South Africa
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. Tanzania
  10. United States of America
  11. Dubai

List of Languages in which Syed Farhan Ali Waris Record Nohay:

Farhan Ali Waris has recited Noha in more than 10 different languages. One of his Noha Sari Dunya Hussain Hussain as Karay which was released in the year 2019 was recorded in 11 different languages.

List of Languages Syed Farhan Ali Waris Recited Noha:
  1. Urdu
  2. Punjabi
  3. English
  4. Persian
  5. Arabic
  6. Hindi
  7. French

Farhan Ali Waris Fans Around the World:

Farhan Ali Waris Nohay and Manqabat are not listening only in Pakistan and India but also in Iran, Iraq, United States, United Kingdom and many other countries.

List of Syed Farhan Ali Waris Best Noha of All Time:

  1. Baba Jan Farsi Urdu
  2. Ali Waris as
  3. Har Zamana Mere Hussain as Ka Hay Manqabat
  4. Sohna Lajpal Hussain as
  5. Zuljanah Hain KahanBaba Jan
  6. Koi Sham DiAurat
  7. Ujray Huay Gharon Say Awaz Aa Rahi Hay
  8. Nana Rab Kay Wastay
  9. Ayyam E Hussain as
  10. Akbar as Nay Di Sada
  11. Ali Ali as Mola
  12. Sar E Qabr E Zahra sa
  13. Haide Haider as
  14. Be Ali as Yin Manqabat
  15. Jis Ghar Pay Alam ho Ghazi as Ka
  16. Azadari Na Chorenge

Farhan Ali Waris Official Social Media Handles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FarhanAwarisOfficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7o6_9PaatOjXSjN7kCdsww
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FarhanAOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farhanawarisofficial/?hl=en

Frequently Asked Q&A About Farhan Ali Waris

Q- What is Farhan Ali Waris Real Name?
A- According to some sources, Farhan Ali Waris' real name is Syed Shujaat Rizvi.

Q- Farhan Ali Waris is Shia or Sunni?
A- As we know Syed Farhan Ali Waris is a famous Noha Khuwan and Manqabat khuwan also belong to Rizvi Syed Family. He is a Shia Muslim by birth.

Q- Did Farhan Ali Waris quit Noha Khuwani as he started hosting different programs on TV Channels?
A- No, He is not quit Noha Khuwani and Manqabat Khuwani. He is doing TV Programs in Ramazan only. He devoted his life for Noha Khuwani and Manqabat khuwani.

Farhan Ali Waris Biography

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