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Mir Hassan Mir Biography  Life Story Career Award News Age Nohay Manqabat Profile Net Worth Profession Kids

Mir Hasan Mir the mostly loved and famous Noha Manqabat Khuwan of today time. 
Mir Hasan Mir accentors migrated from India to Pakistan after 1947 partition and reach to Jhampur which is a small village near to Karachi Pakistan.

Mir Hasan recited Manqabat in such a way that every body fall in love and enjoy his Manqabat. He recited Noha Manqabat Naat and Qaseeda in different languages so far.

Languages in Which Mir Hasan Mir Recited Noha and Manqabat:

  1. Urdu
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Persian/Farsi
  5. Arabic

Countries Where Mir Hasan Mir Recited so Far:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Iran
  3. Iraq
  4. United Stated
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Syria
All age group of Shia and Sunni Muslims loved to hear Mir Hasan Mir Manqabat.

Mir Hasan Mir Manqabat and Noha Khuwani History

Mir Hasan Mir grandfather (name unknown) found that Mir's voice is extraordinary to recite Noha and Manqabat. 

So he include with his whole family start encouraging Mir Hasan Mir to continue recitation.

This is the first push which Mir Hasan got in his childhood.

Mir Hasan Mir Education

Mir Hasan Mir is well educated holding a  Graduate Degree in Economics. He completed his graduation in 1998. 
Mir Hasan Mir devoted his entire life to Noha and Manqabat Khuwani.  So he was not supposed to do any other kind of job at all.

Mir Hasan Mir A Poet and a Composer 

With the beautiful voice to recite Noha, Manqabat and Naat Mir Hasan Mir has another great gift by God is his poetry and composition skills.

He wrote many Manqabat and Nohay so far. We can see most of Mir Hasan Mir Kalam's are composed by himself. 

We can see a professionalism in his all composition.

Mir Hasan Mir Son's

Mir Qasim Mir and another son (name unknown) are two kids of Mir Hasan Mir. Both of they are also a good Noha and Manqabat Khuwan
They recite with Mir Hasan Mir.

Mir Hasan Mir Best Noha Manqabat List:

  1. Zahra sa Jaiyan Da Asra Ghazi as
  2. Ali Sher E Khuda Haide Haider as
  3. Qalandar Saeen
  4. Maawan Karbala Diyan Maawan
  5. Churwa Do Hamein Gham Say Yahi Waqt E Karam Hai
  6. Jaisa Mera Mola Waisa Koi Nahi
  7. Asgar as Main Teri Maa Hun
  8. Haye Alamdar Haye Alamdar as
  9. Tu Agar Hota To Aesa Nahi Hota Ghazi as
  10. Faqeer Ki Sada Hussain as Hai
  11. Hussain Bant Raha Hay Nijat Lay Jao
  12. JabKhudda Ko Pukara Ali as Aa Gaye

Mir Hasan Mir Official Social Media Handles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MirHasanMir.Official/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirhasanmirofficial/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mirhasanmir1
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_qRtpijKZ-iipmWYCndLrA

Mir Hasan Mir Complete Wiki Biography

S-No Name Details
S-No1 NameReal Name DetailsMir Hasan Mir میر حسن میر
S-No2 NameReligion DetailsIslam (Shia Muslim)
S-No3 NameNationality DetailsPakistani
S-No4 NameEthnicity DetailsSyed
S-No5 NameProfession DetailsNoha Manqabat Khuwan
S-No6 NameResidence DetailsKarachi
S-No7 NameSon's Details2 (Mir Qasim and NA)
S-No8 NameMarital Status DetailsMarried
S-No9 NameDate of Birth Details10th, May
S-No10 NameOfficial Website Detailshttp://www.mirhassanmir.com/

A Best Poetry About Mir Hasan Mir in Urdu

کچھ اس کے سوا ہے نہ میرا مقصدِ تخلیق
میں میر حسن فاطمہ زھراؑ کی دعا ھوں

Mir Hassan Mir Biography

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