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Syed Nadeem Raza Sarwar world-famous Noha Khuwan and Manqabat Khuwan. A well knows Shia Muslim figure who started his career in his childhood as a Noha Khuwan.

This is one of Nadeem Sarwar's honor that he was one who started recording Noha's when no one was doing so. That's why Nadeem Raza Sarwar was known as Safeer-e-Aza.

He got Noha Recitation education from his mother who used to take him along with her in the Majalis in the month of Muharram.

Nadeem Sarwar is one who recited the highest volume of Noha so far. Every year in the month of Muharram people is waiting for his new Noha kalam's.

He has a huge fan base in Shia and Sunni communities and not only in Pakistan but around the globe.
Nadeem Sarwar has a huge fan base and listeners in the following countries.
  1. Pakistan
  2. India
  3. Iran
  4. Iraq
  5. Australia
  6. United States
  7. United Kingdom
  8. Canada

Nadeem Sarwar Early Days

Born in October 1970 Karachi Sindh and complete his education in Mechanical Engineering. Later on, migrated to Australia with his family. 
He is invited to different countries for Noha and Manqabat Recitation on different occasions.
Nadeem Sarwar belongs to a Syed family. Syed's family is considered highly respectable among Shia and Sunni Muslims.

Nadeem Sarwar a Poet and a Composer

With reciting Noha and Manqabat Nadeem Sarwar is also a good writer and a composer. If we see his last year Noha Volume most of his Nohay was composed by Nadeem Sarwar and his two sons Ali Je and Ali Shanawar. Both of them are also Noha Reciters and releasing their separate Noha Album each year. 

Nadeem Sarwar Sons Ali Jee and Ali Shanwar

The famous Noha Khuwan has two Noha Khuwan sons named Ali Jee and Ali Shanawar.
They are making multiple videos together. Both of them are highly trained vocally and gifted with a beautiful voice.

Nadeem Sarwar Education

As we know he started his career in Noha Khuwani from his childhood but he never compromises with his education.
This is Nadeem Sarwar own word that his Father Syed Hussain Rizvi was very strict about his education.

Best Noha List of Nadeem Sarwar crossed 20M Views on YouTube

  1. Janum Ya Hussain as 
  2. Haider E Karrar
  3. Salam Ghazi as
  4. Azadar
  5. Karbala Masha Allah
  6. Badshah Hussain as
  7. Dil E Dukhtar
  8. Muje Abbas as Kehtay Hain
  9. Buss Ya Hussain as

Nadeem Raza Sarwar Official Social Media Handles

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FAQ's About Nadeem Sarwar

Who is Nadeem Sarwar?
A World famous Noha and Manqabat khuwan who has Millions of followers on Social Media platforms. With a massive fan base and listeners around the world. 

What is the Religion of Nadeem Sarwar?
Nadeem Sarwar is Shia Muslim and belongs to Rizvi Syed.

S-No Name Details
S-No1 NameName DetailSyed Nadeem Raza Sarwar
S-No2 NameNick Name DetailSafeer-e-Aza
S-No3 NameNationality DetailPakistani
S-No4 NameFather Name DetailSyed Asrar Hussain Rizvi
S-No5 NameMother Name DetailSyeda Nargis Khatoon
S-No6 NameReligion DetailShia Muslim
S-No7 NameBirth Place DetailKarachi Pakistan
S-No8 NameBirth Date DetailOctober 25, 1970
S-No9 NameProfession DetailNoh Manqabat Khuwan
S-No10 NameMarital Status DetailMarried
S-No11 NameChildrens Detail03
S-No12 NameSons DetailAli Shanawar & Ali Jee
S-No13 NameSiblings DetailNA
S-No14 NameCurrent Nationality DetailAustralia
S-No15 NameTotal Wealth DetailNA
S-No16 NameHeight Detail5ft 7Inches
S-No17 NameEye Colour DetailBlack
S-No18 NameHair Color DetailBlack
S-No19 NameMother Tongue DetailUrdu

Nadeem Sarwar Biography

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