About Us

Who we Are?

A group of young energetic guys who are dedicated to provide all authentic information about Shia Celebrities' life Stories, Wiki, Biography, Family info and other information.

Why we started this Blog?

There is a solid reason to start this blog. 

Once we are just browsing on the internet and landed on a website where we saw a biography about famous Shia Muslim personalities.

We notices that they are spreading the wrong or half information which may cause misleading peoples who read that blog.

At that time we decided to create an online presence where we can share an authentic news information about all Shia Celebrities.

What kind of people on which we are writing and will write in the coming future?

Our main focus is and will be on Shia Scholars, Writers, Politicians and Noha  Manqabat Reciters around the Globe.

How to Contact us to notice about wrong information or publish Biography of any personality on this blog?

Before publishing any kind of Info about any personality we do a complete research on our end. But there is still possibilities we miss something or may publish something incomplete or wrong information.

We are open and welcome our readers to make our mistake correct.

You can use the Contact Form or write us at [email protected]